AGSC Ltd. your Security Training Umbrella

Aviation & General Security Consultant (AGSC Ltd.) is an International Holding Firm based in Kenya with more than twenty five years experience in all kind of security matters.
We have diversified into different fields of security, intelligence, aviation, maritime & various systems and products. In all those fields and others relating to Security, AGSC is proud, as part of its security services, to offer all kind of security training for all kind of organizations (Government, Public, private).

AGSC Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified objective company with a team of professional trainers in various security and safety matters based on the International Standards and their huge experience.

As threats to the security of our society increase, so too must the professionalism of the security personnel in all levels.

AGSC is an established firm specialized in all kind of security training.
The Company's founders bring years of experience as high-rank commanders in the Israeli security and intelligence services and huge experience in high level of diversified security training services.
In addition to their military, governmental and civil security experience, the Company's founders bring years of experience in the Aviation, Maritime & private security sectors, serving top-tier clients in diversified security training.

AGSC mission is to provide a highly effective Comprehensive Security Training (CST) for all kind of customers, in the International, regional and national levels and for the governmental, public and the private / civilian sector.
AGSC is specialized in counter terrorism and security training regarding to aviation, maritime, special units and law enforcement personnel. AGSC is also specialized in general security training, In addition to advanced training capabilities, like VIP protection, Data Protection, Intelligence operations, and Training of Trainers.