For a long time, Charter/ Private flights have become a preferred choice of travel for Business Executives, Government, Tourist/ Luxury travelers and quick medical transfers. Due to the emergence and escalation of terrorism and criminal acts in the Aviation industry, new security measures have been put in place to safeguard these VIPs and their properties against acts of unlawful interference.

AGSC directly provides these much needed security services to our VIP clientele. The services include;

i. Provision of unarmed aircraft security.
ii. Unarmed Pax/ Crew transfer services.
iii. Unarmed executive protection.

AGSC also coordinates;

i. Armed aircraft security services by hiring services to the Kenya Police Service.
ii. Armed Pax/ Crew transfer services.
iii. Armed executive protection services.

In many instances our clients requests us to coordinate handling of their private flights based on security grounds. The clients being conscious of the security of their passengers and aircrafts and AGSC being their trusted security provider, they entrust us with the responsibility of identifying a handler for their flights. In addition to providing clients with security for their passengers, crew and aircrafts.

In such case as in other commercial flights for which we provide security, AGSC utilizes the services of Kenya Aerotech Ltd as their preferred ground handler for the private flights.

AGSC also through their link with the Kenya Civil Aviation, Air Transport Department facilitates the processing of Landing/ Over flight Permits/ Clearances for these private flights. To cap it all, AGSC introduced a medical cover for our clients during their stay in Kenya.