As the Threats to Civil Aviation increases so are the countermeasures put in place to mitigate the threats. It is in this perspective; AGSC LTD (Aviation and General Security Consultants) offer an Asset protection services to our clients from Acts of Unlawful interference. These Assets are:-

- Aircrafts, Passengers, Cargo & Mails, Catering, Crew and Airline Staff. The services offered are based on our experience and professionalism, the IATA regulations, ICAO Annex 17 and client’s requirement.

AGSC offer its services either as a whole package or part of as the client may deem suitable to their needs.

In line to the above; AGSC offers the following services to its clients:-

  • Aircraft Security: - This is the main service AGSC offers to its client and involves, Air Craft access control, Catering Security, Baggage protection and control, cabin security etc.

  • Cargo security (secure cargo escort to and from the Aircraft).

  • Secure Crew escorts.

  • Aircraft guarding: - Offered to long staying Private Jets or on Scheduled flights.

The services we offer are of high quality and meant to protect Civil Aviation from acts of unlawful interference.
AGSC is therefore an ISO: 9001:2008 Certified Company.