Stage A – The Security Survey

1. Facility / Site / Project – Vulnerabilities, Threats & Risks Assessment ( VTRA)
2. Security concept recommendation and definition
3. Detailed information collections and meetings with the relevant security managers, planners and consultants

Stage B – Technical Preparations

4. Plan and design of the required systems / equipment, preferable an Integrated Security Management System (ISMS)
5. Preparation of the full scheme design drawings and the detailed design drawings for all security works (marking the gaps, if any, between the recommended design and the existing one)
6. Preparation of Technical Specifications including Bill of Quantities and budget estimations.
7. Infrastructures coordination with the relevant engineers: electric, ICT and architecture

Stage C – Implementation Stage

8. Update / Prepare (if needed) the client / Company Security Policy and procedures
9. Update / conduct (if needed) all kind of relevant security training (theoretical, practical and for the relevant staff / operators.
10. Check of proposals for the required implementation / instalment.
11. Upper level supervision of the implementation (CDR, detailed design approvals, solving implementation problems).
12. Advise the client on progress
13. Final and acceptance tests of the system and monitor defects

system and monitor

Integrated Security Management System